A Powerful Solution for Climate Improvement

Wind turbines play a crucial role in improving the climate by contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the use of clean, renewable energy. At Navitas Renewables, we are proud of the green job creation we contribute to beyond climate improvements: Installation, maintenance, and operation of wind turbines.

Navitas Renewables offers a comprehensive full scope solution covering all aspects of a wind turbine project. We have over 20 years of solid knowledge and experience from the wind industry. We deliver outstanding quality and professional solutions.


Navitas Renewables specializes in the transport, installation, supervision, and management of wind turbines. Our team of experienced professionals works meticulously to ensure that each step in the process is carried out to the highest standards.

We work closely with our clients to address their specific needs. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency and reliability of wind turbine projects while minimizing costs and risks.

Navitas Renewables Service, Project planning, Infrastructure planning, Subcontractor specifications, Project execution Quality assurance, Daily planning, Daily coordination, Waste management, Reporting, Compliance with local regulations, TOC, Handing over project, Project follow-up, O&M, Main components exchange, Retrofits and upgrades, Quality inspection

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”After Navitas came into the Ballymacarney project end 2022 we have seen a huge change the good way, The team install at the present time over 2000 panel a day. They are on top of HSE and they keep high quality at same time. Big thanks for helping us out with the project, we will absolutely try to take you into some of the new project upcoming 2023.”

Navitas is a top professional company that tailors their quality resources exactly to the customers needs. I can highly recommend Navitas.”

Jan Bång Fugmann Henriksen | Senior pm | Statkraft AS

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